Wubuntu: Windows 11 on Linux

Wubuntu: Windows 11 on Linux

The more or less quick experiment of porting the Windows interface to the Linux environment has been tried more than once. Wubuntu is a Linux distribution derived from Ubuntu that features a user interface that contains much content similar to that of Windows 11. Windows 11 with the Mica design, the icon centered in the application bar, the toolbar, font virtually indistinguishable from the Microsoft operating system.

Wubuntu raccoglie l’eredità di windowsfx, Linux operating system based on Ubuntu that sought di fornire un’experienza similar to Windows. Da fine giugno 2023, l’autore del progetto – Raphael Rashid – made the decision to update Windowsfx on Wubuntu. Rachid has not yet seen the reasons for his decision to make Windowsfx and definitely decided to free up space for the new Wubuntu.

Linux Dives Into Windows 11 With Wubuntu

How Wubuntu and how the Windows 11 experience works on Linux

The full name of the Wubuntu project is The Windows Ubuntu Operating System. If it’s a color-designed board that prefers the Windows interface and functionality, you can use a Linux-based operating system.

Distributed in several versions, Wubuntu punta sul Desktop Plasma, part of the KDE (K Desktop Environment) program. I’m not Desktop highly customizable, powerful and bottled that offers a wide range of functions to improve the user experience. Based on advanced technology like Qt and KDE Frameworksthe possibility of personalization are evident: Wubuntu’s interface is almost indistinguishable due to a Windows 11 system.

The design that the developer has done to render the Plasma desktop as close as possible to Windows 11 is impressive: what lacks internal details such as the width of the border of the best, the space of the icons and the features of Windows cannot be used, although the prima vista, you can use a Linux machine. In this sense, Rachid’s condotto experiment is undoubtedly a great success.

The part of the davvero interface is very similar to Windows 11, the other functionalite Wubuntu citation can be manually added from users with virtually any Linux distribution. II advantage di Wubuntu is that the piattaforma le raccoglie già sotto a single “cappello”, ready to be used.

Wubuntu, thin system

Avviare eseguibili Windows on Wubuntu

As you see the YouTube video of Wubuntu Plasma Edition, the standard distribution offers the possibility to avviare eseguibili (EXE) Windows and other Microsoft operating system files, such as installation files in MSI format.

Wubuntu non avvia directly gli eseguibili Windows: si appoggia invece a Wine (Wine is not an emulator), a compatibility program that lets you load Windows applications on Linux-based operating systems, including Ubuntu and Wubuntu. Wine is open source software that has not been implemented Windows API: System chimate and Microsoft operating system functions are automatically translated into Linux equivalents, allowing all function apps to be correctly translated.

To simplify the use of Wine, Wubuntu integrates it into the operating system transparently, so that the user can browse Windows applications without facing additional technical complexity.

Support for Windows, Linux and Android app

First and foremost, Wubuntu aims to simplify the experience of using Windows applications on Linux. A dispetto dell’identica nomenclatura, il pacchetto power toys Fornito with Wubuntu allows you to use a large number of Microsoft applications: such as the Windows control panel, the best network settings, OneDrive, Android support and many more others are immediately available. In reality, Microsoft PowerToys are a few of many different, useful feature for Windows enabled by all users.

Wubuntu: Running Word

Differently rispetto how much accade su Windows 11, inoltre, le android apps I may be looking for and installing directly from the Google Play Store. Wubuntu supports alsoaccelerator hardware through the use of the GPU, useful for games.

Wubuntu Android Support App

Essendo your back basato su Ubuntu 22.04LTSWubuntu subscribes to aggiornamenti regularari e mette a disposizione degli utenti tutte le patch rilasciate from Canonical until April 2027.

Free and paid version

In Windowsfx, the GUI derived from Windows 11 is part of a chiamato package WxDesktop, which is not proprietary open source. The author offers the opportunity to use it for free for 30 days. Successively the component continued to work, but Wubuntu periodically showed a system notification asking all users to purchase a license by paying the $35 import fee.

The developer does not know if Wubuntu follows this scheme, but it is likely that the procedure for managing the remaining licenses is unchanged. Anzi, on page professional key on Wubuntu, through which you can register your own license, Rachid offers all paying users all applications in the PowerToys suite.

Windowsfx payment release also provided support for Microsoft’s Android app Active Directory and it shows live OneDrive in file manager.

The mystery of the name change

Not important data because the author of Windowsfx should change the name to his “creation” derived from Ubuntu. A Microsoft imposition seems unlikely because Wubuntu is called The Windows Ubuntu Operating System in form this and the parola Windows, a benguardare, is a March registered. Furthermore, the Wubuntu interface (as Windowsfx was) is almost entirely responsible for all of the graphical and design choices Microsoft built with Windows 11.

I cosidetti “operating systems are similar” or “themed operating systems”, which imitate the interface of another product, always resist. The loro obiettivo is what, in the case of Wubuntu, allows users to change in a familiar interface, even if the secondary operating system is different. The legality of an operating system looks like depends on several factors, including intellectual property rights and applicable licensees.

Available Wubuntu versions

Ad oggi the author of Wubuntu has publicly available three different versions of the operating system: the first, which cites the preceding one, is based on Plasma. Ce n’e poi una seconda chiamata Advanced Hardware Support (AHS) for Plasma that improve the performance of your systems equipped with the latest hardware.

infinite, Windows Ubuntu Cinnamon it is a third version that anziché Plasma use the desktop Cinnamon.

In tutti i casi, sono scaricabili le iso image dei rispettivi supporti d’installazione, use para avviare l’installazione del sulla machina operating system in totally internal use of a virtualized environment.