UK government updates rules for Student visas

UK government updates rules for Student visas

Earlier this year, the UK government announced that it will introduce measures to limit what is allowed on a Student visa.

From January 2024, it is proposed that overseas students, except for those who are in the UK on post-graduate routes, will not be allowed to bring any dependent family members. This means that spouses and children of overseas students will have to look at alternative routes if they want to join family (who are on the student route) residing in the UK. However, it has been said that the government will work with the higher education sector to explore alternative options, ensuring that students studying at the UK’s world-leading universities can bring dependents.

Further potential changes are the requirements for funds that students must have in order to demonstrate that they can look after themselves and their dependants in the UK. Overseas students will also have to complete their studies officially before they are able to switch to a work visa.

The government also intends to stop dishonest international student agents who may be supporting inappropriate applications.

It is believed that further information will be released on this later in the year, and we will of course keep you updated. The proposed changes are fairly radical in their nature and face significant opposition.