Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Providers in Phoenix, AZ

For many drivers in Phoenix, Arizona, finding affordable insurance that doesn’t sacrifice quality is a top priority.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 cheapest car insurance companies in Phoenix to assist you in navigating the insurance market.

These businesses make it possible for you to protect your car and your finances without going over budget by providing affordable rates, first-rate customer service, and dependable coverage options.


GEICO consistently provides affordable options for auto insurance and is renowned for its competitive rates and customer satisfaction. For drivers in Phoenix who are concerned about costs, GEICO is a top choice thanks to its user-friendly online platform and a range of discounts.

2. State Farm:

State Farm is a well-known insurer with a sizable clientele in Arizona. They provide reasonable prices and a variety of coverage options to meet various needs. Finding affordable car insurance in Phoenix is simple thanks to the individualised service offered by State Farm’s regional agents.

3. Progressive:

Progressive is well known for its cutting-edge approach to auto insurance and affordable costs. Progressive is a well-liked option for drivers looking for inexpensive coverage in Phoenix because of their Name Your Price tool and various discounts.

4. Farmers Insurance:

Drivers can tailor their policies to fit their needs and budgets thanks to Farmers Insurance’s range of coverage options. Farmers Insurance is a dependable option for inexpensive car insurance in Phoenix thanks to its competitive rates and wide network of regional agents.

5. Allstate:

Allstate offers thorough coverage options at reasonable costs. Additional savings may be possible thanks to their DriveWise programme, which promotes safe driving practises. Allstate is a dependable choice for inexpensive car insurance in Phoenix due to their stellar reputation for customer service.

6. Liberty Mutual:

Liberty Mutual provides a variety of coverage options and competitive car insurance rates to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Liberty Mutual is a well-liked option among Phoenix drivers thanks to their user-friendly online platform and discounts for defensive driving.

7. American Family Insurance:

American Family Insurance offers a range of coverage options at affordable rates. Drivers can find affordable auto insurance options suited to their unique needs with the assistance of their local agents.

8. Esurance:

Esurance is renowned for its straightforward online quoting procedure and affordable rates. Esurance is a practical and affordable choice for car insurance in Phoenix with a variety of discounts available, including a fast 5® discount for buying coverage online.

9. The General:

The General specialises in giving drivers with spotty driving records reasonably priced auto insurance. The General focuses on helping high-risk drivers and provides affordable rates with flexible payment plans.

10. Mercury Insurance:

Mercury Insurance provides affordable premiums and a wide range of coverage choices. With a focus on client satisfaction and a strong local presence, Mercury Insurance is a dependable supplier of low-cost auto insurance in Phoenix.

Considerations like competitive pricing, coverage options, customer service, and reputation are crucial when looking for cheap car insurance in Phoenix, Arizona. You can find inexpensive coverage that satisfies your requirements and price range by comparing the top 10 cheapest car insurance companies listed in this article, which offer a combination of these features. Before making a choice, keep in mind to compare prices, look into available discounts, and take into account your unique coverage needs. You can get trustworthy auto insurance from these reputable insurance companies for a cost that won’t break the bank.