TEST: majestic BMW M2 (2023) is already a classic

AM GmbH moves forward in 2023: after the M3 Competition Touring and the XM, it now comes with perhaps the most beautiful model, the BMW M2.

Former football coach Aad de Mos once said the legendary words: “I am a guarantee of success.” He had just signed for PSV and was very fond of Eindhoven. A year and a half later, he was decisively fired after dramatic performances. M GmbH might say the same, but it’s true.

In our opinion, the basis of success is endless enthusiasm not to be boring in any way BMWEven better is having the courage to continue believing in your own beliefs. In 2011, no one expected that there would still be room for an M coupe under the M3. But then the Series 1 M Coupé came along and it was a colossal success with its uncompromising handling. Ten years later, it’s already a classic. If you don’t believe that, you should check out Marktplaats for an occasion. The duration of pepper is still slightly expressed. A BMW 1 Series M Coupé costs much more than the new price at the time.


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BMW M2: enthusiasm for the limit

In 2015, the first BMW M2 was released and with 60,000 copies, it became the best-selling M model of all time. You don’t have to be a prophet to predict that the new M2 will have a successful future. You can tell they haven’t lost an iota of passion for the frontier in M; the limits are also sought and extended with the second generation M2.

The M2 uses chassis technology from the BMW M4, which is packaged in a plastic and carbon shell. In addition, the front and rear suspensions became stiffer. In this way, no information is lost in spongy bearings or inaccurate dampers. Variable steering seems to be able to read the driver’s mind and follow his movements without delay. The feedback is crystal clear.

Four-wheel drive? Not the case with the M2. The 460 hp and 550 Nm are sent entirely to the rear wheels according to a classic BMW recipe. The M-sport differential takes care of power distribution and the Michelin sports tires have an intimate relationship with the asphalt. Modern control systems come together and guide you smoothly to the limit range. They don’t patronize, they only intervene when it’s really necessary, aided by traction control. The driver can set personal limits on the amount of wheel slip – there are ten levels at which the system can intervene.

TEST: Majestic BMW M2 is already a classic
TEST: Majestic BMW M2 is already a classic

Red band at 7200 rpm

Even without transparent safety aids, the BMW M2 remains – if you can drive it a little – a refined sports car. A true BMW-M, but ultra-modern at the same time. Under the hood you will find a beautiful six-cylinder, which is supported by two turbos. They attack at any speed. If you let the eight-speed automatic do its thing, you’ll experience plenty of exhilarating moments, but we’d also recommend looking into the rev limiter by shifting manually. This makes a majestic six-cylinder sound and above 7000 rpm an unabashed flirtation with the red stripe. A special M exhaust system with electrically controlled valves plays an important role in this.

BMW M2 automatic or manual gearbox?

You’d think a manual gearbox would add to the joy, but it doesn’t. Firstly, you have to pay extra for it, secondly, it shifts uninspired and the clutch pedal does not have the feeling that you need in such a car. The machine is wide awake at any time. In addition, it prints the hundred faster: 4.1 seconds, against 4.3 seconds for the manual M2. If you continue at 200 km/h, the difference increases even more. Automatic versus manual gearbox finishes in 13.5 versus 14.3 seconds.

TEST: Majestic BMW M2 is already a classic
TEST: Majestic BMW M2 is already a classic

There’s also a very small Dutch touch to the M2: it can be ordered from Toronto Rot Metallic (as pictured) or Zandvoort Blau. A less pleasant Dutch touch is the bpm, which means the M2 exceeds the ton with us. If only we got the same fixed fines that Aad de Mos was getting back then…

BMW M2 price: alternative to the BMW M4

On all fronts, the BMW M2 is an evolution of its equally childish and very talented predecessor. He also responds at least as well to emotions, so the real tanker doesn’t have to worry just yet. The M2 is also a reasonable alternative to the much more expensive BMW M4, which has just 20 hp more and costs more than 142,000 euros. Although the BMW M2 price of 114,938 euros is still considerable, especially if you compare it with the Belgian price of 74,950 euros.