H&H Insurance Brokers opens new-look office in Carlisle

H&H Insurance Brokers opens new-look office in Carlisle

H&H Insurance Brokers has reopened its Carlisle headquarters.

After investing in a major revamp of its headquarters to provide a more collaborative working space for its team, the award-winning firm, whose clients include those in the tourism and hospitality, agriculture and rural industries, is planning further expansion.

“We’re absolutely delighted with our new-look office,” said Paul Graham, managing director of H&H Insurance Brokers.

“The feedback from the team has been fantastic, and I can already see how it will change the way we work by fostering a more collaborative approach to teamwork.”

“Our ambition now is to build on the refurbishment investment and use it as a springboard to grow and evolve H&H Insurance Brokers over the next few years.”

The work at H&H Insurance Brokers’ headquarters was completed by Eco Group’s projects division, which has offices in Annan and Carlisle and operates throughout the UK.

“The team at Eco Projects did a fantastic job,” Paul said. All aspects of the project were completed on time and within budget, and we were kept informed throughout the process.”

Eco Projects completed the project in 10 weeks. “People often don’t realise how much space they have in a property,” said Ryan Fieldston, project manager for Eco Projects. Businesses may have people working in various small offices, but when they open them up, they are often surprised at how much space they have.

“It means they don’t have to relocate their offices to create a completely different environment.”

“This is exactly the type of job we enjoy. We were tasked with redesigning the offices to make them more open, with more daylight and natural lighting, and repositioning all of the workstations to make it a more pleasant working environment for everyone.”