Fairphone, the CEO is yours. I know anni di prodotti etici e uno sguardo al futuro

Eva Gouwens if it’s dimessa da CEO of Fairphone: ad is the manager of this site in a post on the official website. “Mi sembra un momento naturale per farmi da parte dopo sei anni al timone“, spiega, remembering the important growing up phase that l’azienda is living (anche) grazie al”thoughtful investment” di inizio anno (49 million euros) which consents to Fairphone diguardare al “future with confidence“. A marcia change for Dutch society that Eva Gouwens has the rite to represent the fair occasion for Farsi of the part and to cede the post to any other.

We are completing 10 years of Fairphone in 2023, taking on our new investors throughout the beginning of this year. We’re coming to the end of many exciting announcements with the Fairphone march that cemented our transition from start-up to scale-up. We are releasing new iterations of the Fairphone. Abbiamo fatto scalpore in ambito audio con i nostri Fairbuds XL completely modulari and easily repairable ei nostri True Wireless Earbuds. Abbiamo reso l’azienda un’presa redditizia per i nostri investors and azionisti, showing the sector that it is possible to be redditizi and sustainibili come azienda di consumer electronica. […] Our products come with a 5-year warranty and 7-year software support. Contengono più materiali equi che mai. These are unprecedented results in the sector, results of cui sarò orgogliosa per il rest della mia carriera.


With Eva Gouwens alla guida, Fairphone presented so many new products: sei, per essere precisi, como sei sono gli anni in cui la manager ha ricoperto il ruolo di CEO. Not solo: in this period, the azienda se is fatta known all over the world, riuscendo a dimostrare alla concorrenza that you can chase profit also following economically and socially sustainable strade. Un route che ci si augur may continue anche negli anni a venire when sarà nominato il suo successere.


Debutta sul mercato la terza generazione dello smartphone etico. It has Snapdragon 632 processor, mobile 3000mAh battery, 12MP rear camera, 8MP front camera and 5.65 inch screen.

2020: FAIRPHONE 3+

It is not a true and own unpublished smartphone, piuttosto la dimostrazione que i dispositivi dell’azienda podeno be updated all the new requirements dei consumers by modifying some components. Ecco allora debut la photocamera posteriore de 48MP e quella anteriore de 16MP. A particularity: Fairphone 3+ can be purchased, yes, but also “built” starting from a Fairphone 3. Then, just change the dual camera with the new one to transform the 3 into a 3+.

2021: FAIRPHONE 4 5G

This model represents an important novelty for the azienda: it is the first with support for all 5G networks and definitive viene “il primo telefono al mondo a zero rifiuti di natura elettronica”. 48MP (main + ultra large).


Fairphone begins to diversify its offer and launch its first headsets on the market. Have a battery management system that allows all batteries to extend their life cycle. Sono dotati di cancellazione activa del rumor, 10mm dynamic driver and system di rilevamento dell’inserimento nell’orecchio.


It becomes sul mercato Fairphone 3 in rich version, a “new” offer yes, but also a provocation to divulge how much the brand’s smartphone may not be recovery giving loro nuova vita. Being a “recycled” product, it is a limited run.


New year, new audio product: it is the turn of the Fairbuds XL, the first cuffie over the ear of the band and the first example of an ethical and sustainable device made with recycled and easily repairable material. It is premium, offers ANC, IP54 resistance, autonomy of up to 30 min and, obviously, modularity. The supporting parts are the battery, the speaker-speaker cavo, the ear cup, the archetto, the auricolare cuscinetto, the archetto base, the speaker and the earpiece cover.

In these years, Fairphone is not only stupid for the new portable products on the market, but also (and strong soprattutto) for the attention on the back aggiornenti. If you thought of an example of the Fairphone 2, which in March 2016 received its last update (43 in total!) with 7 years of life. Originally c’è Fairphone 5, di cui abbiamo recently seen i primi render, which will always be more premium pur mantenendo intatte le sue peculiarità etiche.

Fairphone 4 available online on Amazon Marketplace at 719 euros. To see the other 3 quotes click here.

(updated June 28, 2023, 7:50 PM)